Corda Music Publications - A Brief History

Corda Music Publications is a small business based in St Albans, Great Britain. We publish music for Guitar (solos and ensembles), for modern strings (with special attention to the viola) and for early instruments, particularly for viols and chamber music of the 16th-18th centuries.

It all started in 1986 as a loose association of music teachers producing music designed for use in schools and private tuition, but it has moved on a long way since then. The business is now run by Judy and Ian Gammie with essential computer advice from David Gammie and Derek Hasted. What began as a few enthusiastic teachers copying music by hand on the kitchen table has now blossomed to more than 450 editions, and school music is only a part of our output. Our catalogues, which you can visit from our Home Page, will give you a better idea of what we do.

Since 1989 our editions have all been computer type-set. A number of the previous hand-copied editions are still issued, though quite a few have since been set on computer. A number of the Golden Phoenix editions are in the splendid calligraphic hand of the late Joy Dodson, and those remain unchanged.

Our ensemble editions are provided with full score and parts; extra parts can be ordered whenever required. If an items is on file on the computer, we are usually able to do additional parts in unusual clefs and transpositions. We do not specialise in wind music, but many of our editions can be played on wind instruments if transposed to a suitable pitch. It is not always possible, but we will do our best if you contact us with details of what you need. We produced a series of saxophone ensembles for the Paragon Saxophone Quartet - ask us about them if you want copies, but we do not list them in our catalogue.

We try to keep our prices as low as possible (hopefully without driving ourselves out of business!). We are often adding to our list of editions, and we try to update the What's New? page now and again, but  admit to being less than efficient with that.  There's just too much to do elesewhere.

If you prefer to contact us in one of the following languages we will be happy to discuss the music with you (though we may have to reply in English if the matter is complicated!). We can read the following languages if you want to write to us:
Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese.
Though the Internet is regrettably dominated by English, we try to redress the balance a little and encourage all languages.

Payment is via PayPal or bank transfer. Please contact us for details when you make an order. How to order

As we have mentioned elsewhere, we are not a music shop - only humble publishers. It is very gratifying to be sent orders for bagpipe music or operatic scores (we have even had orders for spare strings), but unfortunately we can only supply what is in our own catalogues! We will answer musical inquiries to the best of our abilities and try to point you in the right direction if we cannot be of direct assistance. You can also see the page listing music shops who stock our editions at music shops.

Corda Music Publications
183 Beech Road, St Albans AL3 5AN   UK
Tel:   07535 463 936

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Last updated 7th April 2022