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You do not have to use this form. Instead of using it, you may find it quicker and more efficient to email your order directly to us at

Post the printed copy of this form to
183 Beech Road St ALBANS Herts AL3 5AN Great Britain

UK Tel: 0 7535 463 936    Overseas +44 7535 463 936

Most payments are done via PaPal. For bank transfers contact: . You can also ask us for totals of post & packing. Please do not send cheques or cash with this form. If you wish to pay by cheque, please wait until we contact you with the final totals of post & packing. We are gradually phasing out any payment by cheque.  All data concerning name, address and contact details, etc., are securely handled. No third party has access to them at any time, nor will we ever divulge such details to any third party.

Order Form


Please give catalogue numbers and specify clearly what you require, especially when ordering extra parts

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 Post & Packing is calculated once items are packed. We will contact you with the totals.


Please enter all your contact details below. We guarantee not to share them with any other person or organistaion on the planet.  Payment by PayPal - we will send you an invoice when ready. For Bank Transfer please contact us first.

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Orders are sent by UK 2nd class or parcel post. An extra charge is made for 1st class post.
Overseas orders are despatched by Standard Air Mail or suitable parcel company depending on the weight. Urgent orders can be sent via DataPost or a registered international courier for an additional charge.

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Last updated:  2nd April 2022

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